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Foundation Repair

Foundation Repair for Cracked and Bowing Walls


Signs of foundation damage may not always originate in the basement. Settling foundations often affect drywall, window, and doors upstairs.

Settlement Problems, Buckling Walls, Foundation Wall and Floor Cracking

Settlement problems, buckling walls, foundation wall and floor cracking are all problems that no one wants experience with their homes foundation. Your foundation is the main support of your house and these problems should not be neglected because in most cases they only create more secondary problems with your homes structure.

We have viewed tens of thousands of problem foundations over the years. We know what will or will not work for your homes foundation repairs. Experience counts with over 30 years in the foundation repair industry Midwest Basement Tech can design a repair method that will solve your foundation problems permanently with patented engineered products and expert evaluation by our trained foundation specialist you can be sure that your homes foundation problem will receive the best solution available . Unlike many of our competitors, you are not limited to one method of repair that may or may not solve your homes foundation problem.

We are one of the only companies in the area Certified by the Basement Health Association, and we currently have an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau (BBB). The choice for your homes foundation repairs are easy. Our team of manufacturers, engineers and foundation experts can solve your foundation problem permanently.

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