Basement & Crawl Space Waterproofing & Foundation Repair in Central Illinois, Greater St. Louis & Lake of the Ozarks

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Basement & Crawl Space Waterproofing & Foundation Repair in Central Illinois, Greater St. Louis & Lake of the Ozarks

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Effective Sump Pump Systems in St. Louis & Springfield

Sump Pumps
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The Most Advanced Sump Pump Systems in St. Louis MO & Springfield IL

The Sump Pump Liner

Give your sump pump the ultimate advantage with Midwest Basement Tech’s GrateSump™ Sump Pump Liner. This superior liner ensures that stormy weather won’t cause problems, as it is engineered to handle unexpected amounts of groundwater and accommodate full capacity performance from a FastSump™ Sump Pump. Its large punched holes also provide easy access for water entry while its integrated pump stand reduces dirt accumulation near impeller mechanisms – making sure nothing stands between you and dependable basement waterproofing!

The Sump Pump

The FastSump™ Sump Pump was designed to exceed expectations, even after testing it for 3 years prior to its launch. This 1/3HP pump conserves energy with a highly efficient motor that uses less amps than other pumps while also running at cooler temperatures, significantly increasing its lifespan and cost-efficiency.

Adding battery backup protection with the GrateSump™ is our preferred method of ensuring maximum reliability from your sump pump system!

Grate Product’s Fast Sump Pump Features

  • 1/3 HP SumpPump™
  • 2400 GPH
  • High Efficient Motor With Upper & Lower Ball Bearings / Runs Cooler & Last Longer
  • Vortex Impeller / Helps Prevent Clogging
  • Sealed Entry-Replaceable Power Cord / Easy To Replace In The Field, Prevents Water From Entering The Motor Housing Through A Cut Power Cord
  • Reliable Float Switch w/ Piggy-Back Switch Design / Defective Switches Can Be Diagnosed By Phone; Pump Can Be Operated Manually By Overriding The Switch. Every Pump Is Tested In Water
  • Ensures That The Pump Meets Head & Flow Requirements
  • Permanent Split Capacitor
  • Energy Efficient (Only 4amps)
  • Durable Cast Iron
  • 3 yr Warranty

Installed in Clayton, Chesterfield, Richmond Heights, Brentwood, Ladue, Glendale, Ballwin, Rock Hill, Olivette, Webster Groves, Kirkwood, Wildwood, Des Peres, Clarkson Valley, Creve Coeur or nearby!

Battery Backup Sump Pump Systems in St. Louis & Springfield

GrateSump™ Plus

Keep your basement dry during power outages with our battery backup sump pump systems. Peace of mind when you need it most.


  • Works automatically when power fails
  • Maximum sustained pumping throughout battery life
  • Powers one 4 amp pump for up to 8,000-10,000 gallons on 1 battery & up to 12,000-14,000 gallons on two batteries.
  • Operates pump on AC & DC power
  • Recharges automatically once power is restored
  • Can charge up to two batteries at the same time
  • Compatible with sealed batteries
  • Low battery indicator (Alarm and LED)

GrateSump™ Plus II (4800GPH)


The same power of the GrateSump Plus, times two! Double protection for your basement or crawl space.

  • Dual Primary Sump Pump System with Battery Backup
  • 4800GPH with AC or DC Power
  • (2) GrateSump™ – Advanced Sump Pump Liner
  • (2) FastSump™ Pump – 1/3HP Sump Pump
  • (2) FastSump™ Power Inverter
  • (2) FastSump™ FS-900 converts 12v DC to 115v AC
  • (2) Sealed Battery – 100AH



Midwest Basement Tech's Service Area

Midwest Basement Tech offers a variety of services from waterproofing to foundation repairs. We offer the following services in your area: basement waterproofing, crawl space encapsulation, sump pump installation and service, basement crack repair, vapor barriers and moisture control.