Basement Waterproofing, Sump Pump
Service & Crawl Space Repair in St. Louis

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Basement Waterproofing, Sump Pump Service & Crawl Space Repair in St. Louis

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Basement Waterproofing in St. Louis, MO & Springfield, IL

Basement Waterproofing
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Effective Solutions for All Types of Basement Problems in MO & IL

Many years of on the job and professional experience have gone into engineering  Midwest Basement Tech’s basement waterproofing system. We only install closed drainage systems which utilize a wall vapor barrier to direct water down into the sub-floor drainage system. Then, our powerful, patented sump pumps pump water out of the home.

When you consider the risks that a wet basement poses to your family’s health, the increased resale value of your home after waterproofing, and the risk of a flooded basement without waterproofing, the decision becomes easy.

Basement Leaks & Flooding

Basements leak when the ground around the foundation is oversaturated with water. The resulting hydrostatic pressure pushes against your basement walls and the water will seep in. Jamison Waterproofing offers a full line of patented solutions to collect and divert groundwater away from your home eliminating all causes of basement leaks.

Mold, Humidity & Musty Odors

Basement environments are prone to have high levels of Relative Humidity (RH). When RH levels are at or above 60% conditions for mold growth and the resulting musty smells are created. Jamison Waterproofing offers powerful dehumidifiers and air filters to keep your basement and indoor air fresh and healthy.

Wall Cracks & Bowing

When the soil around the foundation is oversaturated, it exerts enormous amounts of pressure on the basement walls, causing them to crack and bow. Call Jamison  Waterproofing at the first sign of foundation damage. We have effective leaking wall crack repair and bowing wall solutions to stabilize the walls and prevent further damage.

Foundation Repair

Cracking and bowing  foundation walls, uneven or bouncy floors, windows and doors that stick and even cracks on drywall can be a sign of structural damage.  It is important to call for professional help at the first sign to avoid messy and expensive repairs in the future.  Midwest Basement Tech offers expert foundation repair services & the best and most affordable technologies .

iBasement Systems Basement & Crawl Space Certificates

iBasement Systems Certificates were created using specific sets of criteria to provide a healthy indoor living environment. Air pollutants and excessive moisture levels in the basement or crawl space can negatively impact the odors in the home as well as cause health problems with those who live there year-round - including yourself!

We offer 6 levels of iBasement Systems Certificate for Basements, and 5 levels if iBasement Systems Certificates for Crawl Spaces, each designed to solve specific problems and protect your home, family, and property value on the long run.

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Midwest Basement Tech offers a variety of services from waterproofing to foundation repairs. We offer the following services in your area, basement waterproofing, crawl space encapsulation, sump pump installation and service, basement crack repair, vapor barriers and moisture control.