Understanding the Vapor Barrier in Springfield MO

Vapor Barrier in Springfield MO

Are you thinking of ways to keep moisture out of your home? There are many different things you can do, but one of the most important things would be to install a vapor barrier. This is a thin sheet of plastic that is impermeable to water vapor.

In order to be effective, the barrier ought to be installed on the warm side of insulation. This will prevent moisture from penetrating the insulation as well as the wall beneath. In a basement, the barrier is placed on the inner surface of the wall. This prevents water vapor from entering the living space and keeps moisture levels down.

Where All the Water Comes From

There are many different sources of vapor in homes. The most common being the atmosphere outside a well as household activities such as bathing, washing and drying clothes. The average person releases at least 2 liters of water vapor into the air through breathing while sleeping at night.

However, one of the most important sources of moisture in the home is the soil surrounding the foundation. As water accumulates in the soil, it forces its way through the foundation walls and into the basement. This results in moisture problems in the home.

How Vapor Barriers Work

Vapor barriers, as mentioned earlier, are impermeable to water. Foundation walls are permeable. This permeability is important for the structural integrity of the walls. However, because the temperatures of the inner surface of the walls are higher than those outside, water that reaches the surface of the wall evaporates into the air inside the living space. This can result in all sorts of moisture problems including mold infestations.

Installing a vapor barrier helps to prevent this problem. The barrier is placed on the inner surface of the foundation wall. As water passes through the wall and evaporates when it reaches the surface of the inner surface of the foundation wall, the barrier traps the moisture. The moisture condenses and is guided to a drainage system installed along the footings of the foundation wall. The water is guided to a well where it collects. When it reaches a certain level, it is pumped out of the well and into an external drainage.

Whether you plan on finishing your basement or not, it is vital that you include the installation of a vapor barrier. This will help to ensure that the moisture levels in your home remain low.

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