Tips for Foundation Repair in a Rented Property

Foundation Repair

Have you rented out your home? Ensuring that your house is in good condition even while you have leased it out is vital for the maintenance of your home. Foundation repair is an important part of property maintenance for any proactive landlord. While your tenants may find it inconveniencing, they’ll appreciate the effort you make to ensure the safety of the building.

The following are some tips for successful foundation repair on a rented property:

  1. Use a professional contractor

Not all contractors are made the same. It’s important to use a professional contractor. They should be respectful and considerate of your tenants. It’s important for them to keep time and adhere to any agreements. They should provide you with great results in order to avoid having to re-do the job.

  1. Understand your tenants

Your tenants are your source of income. It is important to understand them and how the repair will affect them. Figure out their schedules and find the most convenient way to carry out the repair e.g. limit work to the weekends or to business hours to avoid interfering with their schedules.

  1. Be transparent with your communication

Open and honest communication is key when dealing with tenants. Let them know what to expect regarding the repair. Let them know why you need to do the repair and how it will benefit them as tenants.

It’s also important to listen to their feedback. Find out what you can do to ensure that they will be comfortable with the whole process e.g. by adjusting the schedule of the repair to suit their lifestyle.

  1. Be responsive to their concerns

Have your tenants raised any concerns about the repair process? Do they have a problem with the contractor? Be responsive to the concerns of your tenant. Let them know that they can contact you and you will act if they have a problem. This will assure them that their interests have been considered.

  1. Stay on top of the repair

Just because there is a professional company working on the repair of your foundation doesn’t mean that you should hand over the reins and completely forget about the repair. It’s important to ensure that the company does exactly what they say they will do. Stay in contact with the project supervisor to ensure that the repair is on schedule. You may also want to visit the site to get a view of what is happening on ground.

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