Things You Can Do In The Summer To Prevent Basement Wall Cracks – St. Louis, MO

Not many people think about their foundations until there is a problem. Many people start to look for more information on basement wall cracks and their prevention when they already have cracks in their basements.

The foundation of your home is the most important part of your home. It supports the entire structure of your home and everything within it. You should therefore take the time to ensure its integrity.

You can do something now

Although repairing basement wall cracks and other foundation issues is a job best left for professional contractors, there are several things you can do today to prevent the formation of cracks in your basement walls.  

  1. Keep the soils hydrated

Summer comes with great weather to be outside. However, the hot summer sun isn’t so welcome for the health of your foundation. During periods of dryness, the soil around the foundation of your home loses moisture through evaporation. This results in the particles of the soil shrinking to many sizes smaller than they were when they had moisture. The soil therefore contracts and leaves a gap between the soil and the foundation.

Foundations are only able to support the weight of the structure of your home because of the support they receive from the surrounding soil. Loss of this support results in an unstable foundation that will crack.

You can prevent basement wall cracks by ensuring that the soil surrounding the basement is kept moist. Irrigate the soil regularly during the dry season to prevent shrinkage.

  1. Work on your drainage

Summer also comes with summer storms in some areas. This can result in the soil surrounding the foundation taking up too much water. A build up in hydrostatic pressure on the external surface of the foundation wall will result in cracking and inward bowing of the wall.

You can help to prevent this by ensuring that the downspouts drain water far away from the foundation of the house. You may also need to install exterior drainage to improve draining of water from your lawn.

  1. Take care of the shrubbery

Do you have plants, shrubs, or trees that are growing near the foundation of the home? These can cause the soil near the foundation to shrink as they take up moisture from the soil. They can also cause physical damage to the foundation as their roots grow.

Remove plants and trees that grow near the foundation of the home.