Common Questions Answered about Slabjacking in Osage Beach MO

Slabjacking in Osage Beach MO

If you have an uneven concrete slab driveway, you may be trying to decide whether you should replace it or have it raised. In many cases, the uneven slabs can be raised and made level with the other slabs in the driveway. This is done through a process known as slabjacking.

Concrete slabs sink due to lack of adequate support from the soil below them. This could be the result of soil erosion, dehydration and shrinking of the soil or poor compacting of the soil during construction. Slabjacking restores the slab to the correct level by floating the slab and pumping a mixture of grout in the space. This provides the slab with a firm foundation on which to rest. The slab is therefore restored to the right level.

Common Questions Asked

There are various questions that homeowners ask when it comes to making a decision on raising or replacing their driveways. The following are some of the most common questions asked:

  • Can my driveway be raised?

In many cases, sunken drivers can be raised using this technique. However, an inspection by a contractor would have to be carried out to determine whether this is possible on your driveway or not.

In general, if the concrete is still in good condition, then raising the slab is possible. However, if the concrete has a lot of cracks that form a spider web, it would be better to have it replaced.

  • Is it expensive to raise my driveway?

Slabjacking is a less expensive option to restore driveways. In many cases, raising your driveway would cost 10 to 20% of the cost of replacing it. If you want to save money, this would be your best option.

  • Why can’t my cracked driveway be raised?

If your driveway has too many cracks, it can be difficult to raise it. This is because the cracks make it difficult to evenly raise the slab. The different pieces may break off in the process of raising the slab. It is therefore better to invest in a new slab in these situations.

  • Do I have to worry about my driveway sinking again?

When raised properly, your driveway shouldn’t sink again for many years to come. Using a professional contractor with experience in raising concrete slab driveways will improve your chances of successfully raising your driveway.

You can save money and restore your driveway to its former glory. Be sure to contact a professional contractor to have your driveway raised.