4 Amazing Benefits of Slabjacking in Brighton IL

Slabjacking in Brighton IL

Do you have a concrete slab foundation? Has it shown signs of sinking? When your concrete slab foundation begins to shrink, you’ll have various choices for repairing the foundation. Slabjacking is one of the many choices available to homeowners.

Why Your Foundation is Sinking

Concrete slabs sink as a result of poor compaction of the soil on which they have been installed. In order to install a concrete slab foundation, soil is dug out of the ground and compacted to provide a stable strong surface for the concrete slab. However, if the soil is not properly compacted, there will be spaces between the soil particles. The concrete slab’s weight will result in the squeezing of the soil and this results in sinking of the slab.

Why slabjacking is a great method for dealing with sinking concrete slabs

  1. It is affordable

This method of foundation repair is one of the most affordable solutions available. It costs less than a third of the cost of replacing the foundation. You can save your foundation and save your bank account in the process.

  1. It results in little disruption

One of the main sources of anxiety faced by homeowners when it comes to repairing the foundations is the thought of all the destruction that comes along with it. This however isn’t the case with this solution. You can repair your foundation with little or no disruption to the surrounding landscaping. You therefore won’t have to worry about spending more money on restoring your beautiful landscape.

  1. It is fast

Another source of anxiety for homeowners is the fact that many foundation repair solutions take a long time. This results in disruption to the household’s activities. It also increases the cost of repair in terms of man hours. This isn’t the case with this solution. It is a simple solution that is completed within a short time. Your foundation will be restored within a short time. Your household suffers minimal inconvenience as a result.

  1. It can be done any time of the year

Worried that you can’t have your foundation repaired because it is winter or the rainy season? You don’t have to worry about the work being disrupted if you opt for this solution. It can be performed in just about any weather. This is because the material to provide a stronger foundation is injected below the slab. There is no construction or excavation involved.

Slabjacking is definitely a solution to consider if your concrete slab foundation is sinking. Contact us today for more information!