Why You Should Consider Slabjacking in Brighton IL Instead of Replacing Your Driveway

Slabjacking in Brighton IL

Is your driveway sinking? If your driveway is a concrete slab, you may be considering having it replaced. However, this can cost a pretty sum. It can also take a lot of time and result in disruptions to your daily activities.

Slabjacking is a better solution if your concrete driveway is still in good condition. It involves raising the settled concrete slab and bringing it back to the level it ought to be.

Why Slabjacking is the Better Option

  1. It is a fast and non-disruptive process

Replacing a concrete driveway is an involving task. It can take a few days to a couple of weeks for the new driveway to be ready for use. It can also be disruptive. There is a lot of equipment involved in the construction of a new driveway. You will have to deal with disruptions for some time.

Raising the concrete slab on the other hand is fast. It can be done in a matter of a few hours. It is a non-disruptive method for repair too.

  1. Repair can be done in any weather

Are you having problems with your driveway now? You don’t have to wait for better weather in order to have your driveway attended to. Replacement can only be done in fine weather while raising of the slab can be done in any weather. It doesn’t matter whether it is dead in the middle of winter or during heavy spring rains, you can have your driveway restored any time of the year.

  1. Less mess

Replacement involves a lot of equipment and material. It also requires more personnel. The concrete slab has to be removed and the debris dumped before the new slab is installed. The entire process is messy and likely to result in the destruction of your lawn.

Slabjacking doesn’t involve any of the above. There is no debris and no movement of materials. You can save your lawn and sanity by investing in this repair method.

  1. It’s affordable

Replacing a concrete slab is not cheap. You can save a lot of money by raising the concrete slab. This will cost you a fraction of the cost of having a new slab installed.

  1. You don’t have to wait to resume using your driveway

There is no curing time to consider. You can begin using your driveway hours after it has been raised. You don’t have to wait weeks for the concrete to cure.