How to Spot Slab Leaks – Springfield, MO

Is your slab leaking? This can be a serious threat to your foundation’s integrity. These leaks occur when a water pipe (either cold or hot) running beneath the foundation slab begins to leak.

Determining whether you have a slab leak is vital for the safety of your foundation. Knowing how to spot these leaks ensures that you are able to react quickly and address these leaks. This ensures that you are able to protect your foundation from extensive water damage that would have occurred if the leak had continued unattended.

If you suspect that your basement moisture problem is the result of a slab leak, be sure to contact a foundation repair company as soon as possible to address the leak.

Obvious signs of a slab leak

Some signs of slab leaks are more obvious than others. These obvious signs will tell you immediately that you’re dealing with a plumbing issue that needs to be addressed immediately. These signs include:

  • The sound of running or dripping water

You may hear dripping or running water from below your slab. Unless you’ve built your home above a stream, these sounds are obviously the result of a leak in the pipes running below your foundation.

  • Wet or spongy spots on the floor

These result from the moisture seeping into the floor. You may feel that the floor is soft or unstable in certain areas. In some cases, pools or puddles of water may be visible.

  • Disintegration or upheaval

You may notice disintegration or upheaval or tiles or grout in a certain area of the floor. If you have wood flooring, you may notice that the wood in this area is warped. Carpets may appear wet or accumulate mold.

  • Warm feeling

If the leaking is a result of a hot water pipe, you may find that the area of the slab where the leak has occurred is warm to the touch. You may even find that the space above the leak is generally warmer.

Less obvious signs of leaking

These signs aren’t easily connected to leaking pipes under foundations. However, they will draw your attention to the problem.

  1. Higher water and energy bills

Are your water bills increasing for no good reason? If you’ve not changed your activities or had guests and notice a sudden spike in your bills, be sure to check your utilities and fixtures for leaks.

  1. A drop in water pressure

This is an indication of a leak in the water supply system. Be sure to have all your pipes checked.

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