The Grate Sump System Advantage

Grate Sump

The basement is a valuable space in the home. It can offer additional square footage that can be used for just about anything. However, basements are susceptible to water seepage problems. If you intend to turn your basement into a useful space, it is important to invest in a waterproofing system.

One of the most effective ways of keeping the water from flooding your basement and ruining your property is by investing in a French drain. This type of waterproofing system will reduce hydrostatic pressure on and around the foundation walls and floor, and get rid of any water that makes it through the wall.

In order for a French drain to be effective, a sump pump must be installed in the sump well. This will get rid of water that accumulates in the well and prevent flooding of the basement.

Best Value for Money

When searching for a sump pump for your drain tile system, you will find that they come in various shapes and sizes. However, very few come as highly recommended as Grate Sump and for various reasons including:

  • It’s a two in one system

Purchasing a sump pump is a great way to keep water from flooding in your basement. However, sump pumps can fail for many reasons. It is therefore important to have a backup sump pump. In many cases, this means purchasing a separate pump and having it installed in the sump well.

The Grate Sump system is different. It is a two in one system that includes a primary sump pump and a battery operated backup sump. The backup pump kicks in when the primary pump has failed or is overwhelmed by the volume of water in the well.

  • Easy to install

The system is easy to install. It comes with a built-in pump stand that ensures that the pump can be installed on just about any foundation or surface.

  • Prevents undermining of the sediment

The housing and placement of the sump pumps in this system are designed to prevent the undermining of sediment by the pumps while removing water from under the foundation. This prevents the weakening of the foundation while reducing hydrostatic pressure on the foundation.

  • Designed for easy maintenance

The system is designed to promote easy maintenance by both the homeowner and a professional contractor. The computerized controller alerts homeowners in case of a mechanical fault. The cover of the housing is easy to remove, giving easy access to the pumps.

The Grate Sump system offers many more benefits to homeowners. Contact your local waterproofing contractor for more information.