Foundation Repair 101

Foundation Repair

Foundation repair is a term that makes many people queasy. The main reason behind this is because, for the most part, repairs in the actual house is not that much of a problem. Walls, floors, roofs and fixtures can be easily repaired, but the foundation involves all of the above and is responsible for the house even standing. You need not have to worry too much, though, foundation repairs can be done and they are not very difficult to do.

Here are a few things you might want to know about foundation repair.

  • In most cases, it is not the foundation itself that is the problem. Foundations are usually built with concrete piles or slabs, they are strong and do not give way easily.
  • The soil and the natural topography of the region are to blame. Unless the foundation was not checked beforehand and made sure that it matches the soil, foundation issues are normally soil based.
  • Water is the enemy. While it is not possible to have a house that is not affected by water, you have to know that the way the soil interacts with ground water is how the slabs of concrete sitting on it will also react. Wet ground expands and loosens up dry ground contracts and hardens up. Slabs placed on them will also move accordingly, this movement will only be a few millimeters at most.

Cracks can tell a lot about damage, but not all cracks are dangerous or show signs of foundation failure, shear cracks are the ones that require repair, so have a professional examine it.