Foundation Leak Repair – How to Repair Cracks – St. Louis, MO

There are many different methods used for dealing with wet basements and seepage. Foundation waterproofing is just a general term used to describe the different methods applied to fix these problems.

When people are faced with seepage problems in their basements, the first thing they think about is ‘how much will fixing this problem cost me?’ This is impossible to estimate without knowing the exact cause of the problem. The root cause of the problem will determine the method used to deal with the seepage. The method will determine the cost of the repair.

It is important to note that repairing a problem as soon as it is noticed will ensure that it does not develop into a more serious problem that requires even more intense solutions.

Common solutions:

Sealing – This is the most common type of wet basement solution, especially for poured concrete foundations. If the basement is finished, a diagnosis must be carried out to determine just how deep the crack runs and how serious it is. If the crack occurs on the interior surface of the basement walls, it can be sealed using an Epoxy or Urethane injection. If the crack is on the exterior then the wall-clay process for sealing cracks is the most common method used.

Drain tiles – Another common problem for basement foundation walls is caused by the hydrostatic pressure in the soil. This occurs when the water table in the soil rises as a result of prolonged rainfall or the melting of snow. The weight of the water in the ground (usually about 8 pounds per gallon) exerts incredible pressure on the basement walls. This causes cracks to occur and may even result in the collapsing of the walls. The best solution in this situation is to help the water drain away from the soil surrounding the wall. This is possible by installing a drain tile system. Internal drain tile systems include a sump pump to discharge water. External drain tile systems are also known as French drains. They provide an easy escape for water and therefore eliminate water pressure on the foundation walls.

Grading – This is a common solution where the ground surrounding the foundation wall is graded. This ensures that the ground slopes away from the home. This prevents water from accumulating near the foundation of the home.
Be sure to contact a professional when dealing with wet basements and seepage in St. Louis. Don’t attempt to fix the problem on your own. Contact your local waterproofing company today!