Fix Moisture Problems with Basement Waterproofing

Basement Waterproofing

When you are faced with a basemen leak, you will have various choices for foundation repair. In many cases, installing a French Drain is suggested by basement waterproofing contractors.

French drains are effective ways of ensuring that you protect your basement from flooding. They are especially beneficial when dealing with a high water table or high hydrostatic pressure against the basement walls. They provide a long term solution for basement waterproofing.

The Problem with French Drains

Many homeowners expect that their moisture problems will end with the installation of a French Drain. However, some find that they are still seeing signs of moisture problems such as mold infestations and high humidity levels in the basement. Does this mean that the French drain wasn’t installed properly? Should you have the French drain replaced?

Installing a French drain is not a quick or easy process. It also costs a lot of money to purchase and install a sump pump.

The installation process involves breaking the ground near the foundation wall. A trench is dug along the floor beneath the foundation wall. A pipe with holes is installed in the trench and gravel used to fill the space around the pipe. The concrete floor is then replaced.

The pipe runs all the way to a well, which is installed in one corner of the basement. A sump pump is installed in the well to pump water out, which collects in the well out of the basement.

While these systems are effective at ensuring basements don’t flood, they are often open. This results in other problems including:

  1. High humidity in the basement

Water can evaporate from the open system into the air in the basement. This causes the air to be humid. This results in various moisture problems within the basement.

  1. Growth of mold

Mold is likely to infest the space as moisture levels are still high when open drainage systems are used. Mold can grow in the spaces near or around the drains as well as in other spaces within the basement when humidity levels are high enough.

What You Can Do

It is important to ensure that you have a closed system installed. One such example is the GrateDrain basement waterproofing system. This system will prevent moisture problems that can occur from exposed drains.

Talk to your waterproofing contractor to ensure that you have the best system installed in your basement.