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Customer Testimonials

Real Customer Testimonials

We have thousands of satisfied customers and have received thousands of thank you letters attesting to our superior products and services. Below is just a small handful of letters from our “scrapbook”. Additional letters and references are available upon request.

“Hello, Just a note from me to you. Saw your T.V. Show on Monday! Good Job! Well Done! 🙂
You should have asked me, I would have told them how great you are! Hope all is well, stay happy! All good wishes to you and the family.”

Margaret Sayers, IL

“… Friendly and professional, I sing your praises every chance I get because I appreciated you coming to my rescue on a Saturday.”

Alice, Sikeston, MO

“… the crew was courteous, hard working, and very polite. We chose Midwest over the competitors becuase of our BBB record and provision of information at initial visit.”

Tom, Chesterfield, MO

“… the crew was very professional and a really nice bunch of guys. I chose Midwest because of what he read about our technologies”

Jack, St. Charles, MO

“I am very happy with your company”

Michael St. Louis, Mo

“Very professional, Very Nice”

Melissa, St. Charles, Mo

“I sing your praises every chance I get because I appericated you coming to my rescue on a saturday.”

Alice, Sikeeston, Mo

“Quick response – he came out right away to look at the problem.”

Springfield, Il

“When ever someone needs quality work done, we always recommend Midwest!”

Sue, Glen Carbon, IL

“Good experince before and satisifed with their work.”

Jasen, Bunker Hill, IL

“I have given your name out in the past and will continue to do so.”

Sharon, Alton, IL

“We are very happy with our new dry basement and we would recommend your company to anyone.”

Don & Andrea, Alton, IL

“Midwest Basement Tech has what every business should project, honesty, professionalism & fair pricing. ”

Lana, Mt. Vernon, IL

“We had a heavy rain the week after you finished nearly 4 inches of rain, but no water in the house.”

Shirley, Kevil, Ky

“I moved into this house in April 2011. It was immediately evident that the interior of the home was excessively damp. It was cold and uncomfortable and white spots appeared on my beaUtiful wood furniture, threatening to damage it. I purchased a 70-pint dehumidifier. I located the dehumidifier in the master bedroom. With no way to attach it to a drain, I had to manually empty it every four hours, even during the night, to keep it running and keep the interior atmosphere tolerable.

An inspection by a mechanical engineer revealed that the dampness emanated from the crawl space, which was constantly wet. The area under the master bedroom was a lake of standing water. The crawl space had not had drain. tile installed during the initial construction. I saw a television commerical for Midwest Basement Technologies, looked up the telephone number and made an appointment. Although Midwest is located some 100 miles from me, within 24 hours the VicePresident of the company, Steve Jones, met with me in my home and inspected my crawl space.

He defined the problem and the solution, and we came to an agreement. Materials were ordered and work began shortly thereafter. I am not sure of the order in which Midwest resolved my issues, and there were periods during which they had to wait for the crawl space to dry out enough to continue work. They installed drainpipes through the walls of the crawl space in several areas that were buried away from the foundation. They installed industrial sump pumps and an industrial dehumidifier, trenched around the perimeter of the crawl space and installed drain tile. They covered the entire area with a heavy-duty radon shield. Access to the crawl space was initially unpleasant – so narrow and convoluted as to be difficult to enter and exit unless one was very small and very flexible. Midwest expanded the entrance and installed a “turtle” – an egress hatch, providing easy access. The dehumidifier will require that a permanent filter be cleaned and a temporary filter replaced every six months. I am now capable of doing this myself, and it is easy and not unpleasant -and I am 74 years old!

I was very satisfied with the work that was done, and the resulting correction of the problem. (In fact I am thrilled!)

The installation crew was professional, courteous and well qualified. They not only cleaned the area around the access to the crawl space when they finished the job, but also at the close of each day they worked here. They provided me with manuals for the dehumidifier that was installed and instructions on registering the warranty and maintenance.

In addition, the office staff (Holly) was courteous, professional and accommodating, sending me materials so that I could understand everything that was being done.

The work was finished Thursday October 13th. Through the following weekend there was not a drop of water in my bedroom dehumidifier. I sold it and the old (inadequate) one that Midwest removed from under the house last week.

You may not only use me as a reference, but I would encourage you to do so when you have inquiries from frustrated people like I was.

Thank you for all that you have done for me. I plan to live out my life in this home, and you have made it comfortable.

Lois Wolff

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