Tips for Controlling Crawl Space Moisture in Springfield MO

Crawl Space Moisture in Springfield MO

The crawl space is one of the most important parts of the home. After all, it is the foundation of the home and holds everything up. However, it doesn’t get much in the line of care. It is exposed to the different elements and is susceptible to moisture problems.

Many people believe that insulating the crawl space is enough for solving moisture control problems.Insulating the space only serves to keep the moisture in an enclosed crawl space. This will result in rot of wood as well as the growth of mold.

Moisture control in crawl spaces requires a lot more than simple insulation. The following are some tips to help you ensure that your crawl space remains dry year round:

  • Install a vapor barrier

Moisture in crawl spaces can come from a wide variety of sources including the ground. The soil that makes up the floor of the crawl space absorbs water from rain or snow. This water evaporates when the ambient temperatures are high. Water vapor in the crawl space causes the air in the crawl space to be humid. It may condense on cooler surfaces in the crawl space resulting in moisture problems.

A vapor barrier can help keep moisture from the ground entering the crawl space. These barriers are usually made of polyethylene sheets. Ensure that you have a professional install the barrier for the best results.

  • Install a French drain

A vapor barrier only serves to keep crawl space moisture in the ground and out of the air in the crawl space. However, moisture in the ground can accumulate and still cause problems under the barrier. It is important to ensure that the water is directed out of the crawl space, thus keeping the ground moisture level low. This is possible with the help of a French drain. The French drain will guide the water away from the crawl space and into a drainage further away.

  • Keep the air flowing

It is important to ensure that the crawl space gets adequate air flow to keep humidity levels down. This is especially important where HVAC vents and plumbing pipes run through the crawl space. This is possible through the installation of a dehumidifier. The crawl space will be kept dry all year round.

Contact a professional to carry out an assessment of your basement and advice you on the best crawl space moisture control methods to use for your circumstances. This will ensure that your crawl space remains dry, mold and pest free.