Should I Repair a Cracking Foundation That Doesn’t Leak?

Cracking Foundation

Repairing a cracking foundation can seem too involving for a homeowner. It can seem like an expense that you can do without. This is especially true when the cracks in your foundation aren’t leaking.

Many homeowners with unfinished basements ask whether they should repair a cracking foundation that does not leak. The following are some questions and points to consider when making your decision.

  1. Water infiltration is unpredictable

Even if the cracks in the foundation aren’t leaking now, they may leak in the future. The infiltration of water through the cracks in your foundation is unpredictable. It depends on various conditions including the level of the water table. All it may take for the leak to begin could be a rain storm or one full day of heavy rain. Would you prefer to find out the hard way or ensure that the cracks are repaired before the storm rolls in?

  1. The crack can expand with time

The crack in the foundation wall will not stay the same forever. Cracks grow and expand with time as conditions change. When winter comes about and water in the cracks turns to ice, the crack will expand to accommodate the expanding ice. The crack is likely to grow as conditions change. The crack could widen as a result of other mechanical forces such as increased hydrostatic pressure. It is therefore wise to have your foundation inspected and the underlying issues solved before the problem gets worse.

  1. Do it now before finishing your basement

Are you planning to finish your basement one day? This can provide you with added living space or a source of income. It is much easier to repair cracks in an unfinished basement. There is less damage that will occur as a result of the repair. Damage that occurs in finished basements is often more expensive to repair.

  1. Cracks will lower the value of your home

Are you planning to sell your home? Potential buyers won’t be happy to see a cracking foundation. These cracks could easily deter buyers or even bring the value of your home down. It is therefore best to have the cracks repaired and ensure that your foundation is sound. This will cost much less than the lost value on your home.

Ensuring that problems with your foundation are addressed as soon as possible is always a better option. Be sure to contact a professional contractor to inspect and repair foundation cracks.