A Complete Guide to Concrete Lifting in Springfield MO

Concrete Lifting in Springfield MO

Concrete is the most popular building material and for many reasons. It is affordable and can be mixed on-site. Laying a concrete slab is easy and the material can be used in any type of project. Nevertheless, there is also a downside most notable when concrete settles badly leading to an uneven surface. The dream of every property owner is to build long-lasting structure but if you are using concrete, there are many structural problems that can occur as it settles.

If you have noticed your basement floor is uneven or your sidewalk looks like an eyesore, it is time to talk to a contractor for concrete lifting. This solution is also called slab-jacking and it involves elevating a concrete slab back to the required position. It is an alternative to concrete replacement, which is expensive.

If you have been wondering how to get your home back into shape, here are some highlights on slab jacking that you should know:

The Slab Jacking Process

Treating a failing concrete slab can be a daunting task for any homeowner, but luckily, advances in construction technology now makes it easier and more affordable to do this. Whether you want to repair your garage floor, sidewalks, driveway, pool deck, or basement floor, concrete lifting is the best alternative.

The project involves:

  1. Drilling holes through the sunken concrete slab
  2. A grout mixture of Portland cement, sand and silt is prepared on-site
  3. Using a hydraulic concrete pump, the grout is pumped through the holes drilled earlier to raise the slab. The idea is to fill the space below and stabilize the slab when the grout hardens.
  4. The holes are also filled with the grout and the surface is cleaned.

The process in most cases comes with a warranty if you are able to find a reliable concrete contractor. It is important to look for a professional who has done this before and check the quality of the work they have done before.

Why Opt For Concrete Lifting?

Most contractors opt for this concrete repair system because it is more affordable compared to replacement. Your landscaping will also not be affected and the solution is permanent. As a homeowner, you will not be inconvenienced because the project can be done when you are at work. For business owners, this is a good solution to avoid legal claims in case someone is injured on your property due to sunken concrete.

If you are worried about the sunken state of your concrete surfaces, call a certified concrete contractor and spruce up your property with slab jacking.