Concrete Lifting: Give your Concrete Structures a New Lease of Life

Concrete Lifting

One of the most common problems with concrete structures is unevenness caused by poor subgrade issues. The Concrete Foundations Association (CFA) says many property owners need solutions with their concrete sidewalks, pavements, parking lots and even foundations. If you have a concrete slab that is unsettled and you are wondering how to deal with it, it is time you called a qualified contractor for inspection and professional solutions.

There are many solutions to an unsettled concrete slab, but none beats concrete lifting. If you have been contemplating replacing the entire slab, this modern technique comes as a godsend. Truth be told, replacing an entire concrete slab whether for your parking lot or your sidewalks requires a lot of money and in these lean economic time, this is not the best idea.

Why Worry about a Failing Concrete Slab?

On the other hand, you can’t leave a failing concrete slab untreated because it poses a risk to pedestrians and can lead to a costly lawsuit in case of an accident. Your concrete structure will also look ugly and whether at home or at your business, it creates a bad impression. These are just some of the reasons you need to call in a certified concrete contractor immediately you see the warning signs.

Concrete Lifting In Brief

To appreciate why concrete lifting is the best alternative to replacing a failing concrete slab, you have to understand how the technique works. The process also known as slab jacking involves injection of concrete slurry beneath the affected concrete slab to raise it to the original level and guarantee it stays there. The slurry is injected under pressure through holes strategically drilled by your contractor.

There are many advantages of using this technique including:

  1. Cost-savings: This technique is only half the cost of concrete slab replacement. The process doesn’t require lots of excavation and equipment, which saves you lots of money in the project.
  2. Minimal damage to landscaping: This technique is minimally invasive and will preserve your landscaping.
  3. Safer property improvement: The technique minimizes potential for injury during the project. It takes a few hours as opposed to concrete slab replacement, which takes days and exposes the property users to injuries.
  4. Permanent solution: The best thing about using concrete slurry is the fact that this stabilizes the sub-soil and you are assured the problem won’t occur again after the problem.
  5. Versatile solution: Concrete lifting can be used for home and garage slabs, pool decks, foundations, sidewalks, and porches and patios.