Benefits of Installing A Crawl Space Vapor Barrier for Your Springfield, MO Home

Crawl Space Vapor Barrier

Many homeowners don’t even know this region of their home exists. A crawlspace is a space between the ground and the floor of your home that acts as a separating space. This crawlspace can have a number of impacts on your daily life if not managed correctly. One of the best ways to reduce any potential problems is through the installation of a crawl space vapor barrier.

Understanding Why A Crawl Space Vapor Barrier is Essential

A vapor barrier acts as a preventative measure against an array of potential problems that both affect your health and the value of your home. According to Saturn Resource Management, “Every crawl space should have a ground moisture barrier installed over the bare soil. A lot of moisture travels from the ground into the air, even in crawl spaces that appear to be dry. Bare ground can also allow soil gasses such as radon, petroleum vapors, or fertilizer residues to enter the home. If you find bare ground in your crawl space, you should install a ground moisture barrier.” Even if a vapor barrier was installed during the initial construction of your home, chances are that the design is based on an outdated technology that is insufficient for complete protection. Even if it was a higher quality design or material, a crawl space vapor barrier can degrade over time.

Strive for A Professional Installation

Few homeowners find installing a vapor barrier in their crawlspace as an appealing activity. Even for those who are into DIY projects, it is important to consider that you may not have access to the tools necessary to create a long-lasting and foolproof barrier.

Take the time to contact us at Midwest Basement Waterproofing if you have any questions about the benefits of installing a crawl space vapor barrier. our professional installation team trumps even the best do it yourself projects as our process makes use of a highly complicated yet effective system.