Why Closed Basement Waterproofing Systems Are Best for Finished Basements

Basement Waterproofing

Are you planning to finish your basement? Moisture is one of the biggest concerns when it comes to finished basements. Moisture problems can not only result in the damage of your property but also cause health problems that are much harder to deal with.

It is recommended that you consider installing a waterproofing system before you finish your basement. This will ensure that your investment is not destroyed. One of the most effective basement waterproofing systems includes interior drainage systems.

Interior drain tile works by providing water with an easier path to follow. This reduces hydrostatic pressure against the wall of the foundation. The drain guides the water that collects in it into a well. The water is then pumped out of the basement by a sump pump.

Traditional drain tile systems consist of open drainage systems. However, advances in technology in the construction industry have seen the introduction of closed systems. These are proving to be very useful especially for finished basements. They offer various benefits over open systems including:

  • Keeping dangerous gases at bay

There are various gases in the soil that are dangerous to our health. These include radon gas and methane. These gases can rise up through a drainage system and dissolve into the air we breathe. However, a closed system prevents this from occurring. The gases are trapped within the drain. They therefore cannot cause any harm to your household.

  • Keep bugs and pests at bay

Bugs and pests like places that are damp and dark. Drains fit this bill to the T. You may therefore suffer an infestation of bugs or pests when you install an open drainage system. A closed drain ensures that any pests that manage to enter your drain stay in the drain.

  • Keep moisture levels down

Open drainage systems result in high humidity levels in the basement and the house above as a result of stack effect. Having a closed drainage system ensures that moisture from the ground doesn’t evaporate into the air above. This will keep moisture levels in your home down.

  • Avoid problems caused by mildew, mold and iron bacteria

Iron bacteria, mold and mildew are known to thrive in open drainage systems. A closed system will ensure that your basement remains free of these infestations.

Be sure to discuss your needs with a professional contractor. Find out if they can install a closed drainage system in your basement to improve the effects of basement waterproofing.