Basement Waterproofing is a MUST DO Before Your Basement Renovation

Renovating an unfinished basement is a cost-effective way to add valuable square footage to your home. Although considerably less than the cost of a room addition, basement improvement can still be quite pricey, even for a modest project.

Covering up foundation cracks will not prevent eventual and inevitable leaks, and ignoring defects in the basement floor will only result in future damage to furnishings, as well as creating potentially serious health issues.

The Solution? Basement Waterproofing!

Before you consider spending a sizable amount of money on costly materials and furnishings, contact us at Midwest Basement Tech for a free foundation inspection and estimate of repairs. We’ve been a family-owned basement waterproofing business since 1978.

More than likely, your basement will also contain access to your plumbing and electrical systems, possibly expensive appliances such as a washer and dryer, or extra freezer, all of which will result in costly repairs if subject to water damage or mold. Valuable and sentimental keepsakes stored  in a basement are not replaceable. Protect them by insuring that they stay clean and dry.

The cutting edge methods we offer are safe and effective, and to guarantee your peace of mind we have several levels of warranty contracts available that are transferable to future owners. Offering this to prospective buyers could result in a substantial advantage should you ever decide to sell your home.

Your newly created living space will certainly increase the market value of your home. Protect your investment of both time and money. Do not neglect this important first step.  Start your project with a call to our experts.