Getting Basement Waterproofing Estimates – Common Questions People Ask

Basement Waterproofing Estimates

You now know that you need professional basement waterproofing services to help with the water leakage problem in your basement. However, you don’t know which contractor to choose.

If you’ve searched for advice on how to find the right contractor for waterproofing your basement, you probably already know that you’ll need to get and compare estimates from different contractors. However, you may have some questions regarding the whole process of getting estimates. The following are some answers to common questions:

  1. Is it possible to get an estimate for basement waterproofing over the phone?

Yes, you can get an estimate over the phone. However, you should never accept such an estimate. A true estimate can only be given after a close examination of your foundation. This examination often involves a physical inspection of the foundation and several tests. Professional contractors carry out these examinations to determine the type and extent of the issue. This helps them determine the type and cost of repairing the problem.

You can take advantage of an examination to find out more about the problem you’re experiencing and compare different solutions provided by different contractors.

  1. Will all my concerns be addressed in the estimates submitted?

A good estimate should address most if not all of your concerns. A good professional contractor will take the time to discuss the issues they’ve identified with you and find out more about your circumstances. Contractors who are eager to write up estimates rush in and out, and therefore miss important points. Their estimates are often not comprehensive.

  1. How long does it take to get an estimate from a contractor?

This largely depends on your contractor and their level of experience. Most contractors will have an estimate ready for you within an hour. However, if the problems with your basement run much deeper, you can expect to wait longer as tests are run and results analyzed.

In most cases, the contractor will provide you with an estimate that includes a proposal of the actions that should be taken before they leave your home. Some may send you the estimate a few days after the examination of your foundation.

Last Tips

It’s important to take your time when comparing estimates for basement waterproofing from different contractors. Carry out background checks on the contractors and determine which proposal suits your requirements best.

Don’t fall into the trap of going for the cheapest contractor. Go for the contractor that offers you the best value for your money.