How to Prevent Basement Flooding in Osage Beach MO When You Have a Low Flooding Yard

Basement Flooding in Osage Beach MO

Do you have a yard that is always wet and soggy when it rains? This is likely to cause serious basement flooding issues when the heavy rains come around.

Anyone who has experienced basement flooding can tell you how devastating it can be. It is therefore always best to take the necessary steps to prevent it from happening. This doesn’t have to mean digging up your lawn and replacing it with concrete. You can still enjoy having a green beautiful yard with these solutions:

  1. French drain

French drains are effective at guiding water away from foundations. The water filters through the loosely packed rocks to a tube with perforations underneath. This tube guides the water to the main drainage.

It is important to ensure that the drain is placed strategically. This ensures that you can turn your soggy lawn into a haven even during rainy days.

  1. Extending your downspouts

Sometimes the solution to a problem can be so simple it’s staring you in the face and you don’t recognize it. Solving your basement flooding problems could be as simple as adding extensions to your downspouts.

Extensions ensure that runoff from the roof doesn’t drain onto the ground outside the house. The extensions guide the water away from the foundation and into a drain. This prevents costly damage from occurring to your foundation.

  1. Regrading

In many cases, water problems in basements are caused as a result of water being forced towards the basement. One reason this happens is poor grading. A basement waterproofing professional can examine your landscape and advise you on the best grading for your land. Some professionals use a high density clay fill when changing the grading of a yard. The grading forces water away from the basement walls.

  1. Drainage swells

If you want a large scale solution to drainage problems in your yard, then this is the best way to do it. Drainage swells use rocks that are incorporated into the landscape around low areas. The water from the yard is directed to away from the foundation and the yard while retaining the soil. The solution is therefore great in preventing soil erosion as well.

These are only a few of the solutions available for dealing with poor drainage in your yard. It is advisable to have a professional examine your home and determine the best solution for your situation.